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How to remove car window tint using a heat gun

Posted by TintingTools

Similar to the steaming method, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the glue of the window tint and remove it from your car.

  • Heat gun or powerful hair dryer
  • Scrub pad (soft so it does not scratch your window)
  • Washing up liquid or adhesive remover
  1. Apply the heat gun at a distance of about 5cm to an area at the corner of the tint (on the inside of your car window) until you can start to peel it away.
  2. Taking your time, peel slowly as you heat just ahead of the area you are peeling. Make sure you have heated the area sufficiently or the tint will break when pulling.
  3. This should remove the film and some or all of the adhesive. Any remaining adhesive can be scrubbed away (using a soft scourer) using washing up liquid and water or an adhesive remover if proving stubborn.

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