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Window Tinting for Night Safety

Posted by TintingTools

Tinting car windows in your home can make the house safer at night since it gives you greater privacy. The primary advantage it offers is your family avoids unwelcome attention from people on the street who might look in your windows.

All-Purpose Tint

  • Many people apply tint film to their windows to reflect the sun -- thus reducing energy bills in the summer -- and reduce glare on television and computer screens to protect their eyesight. This same kind of tint is used for nighttime safety purposes.

Landscape Lighting

  • Setting up security spotlights that shine on your yard at night will enhance the protection you get from the tinting. The lights will reflect the landscape on the windows so that all outsiders can see are trees and glass.

Robbery Deterrent

  • Because robbers can't see inside at night, they can't see your possessions or if a family member is home alone. Plus, the film makes the glass shatter-resistant -- if a vandal breaks it, the window will crack, but the film will hold the pieces together.

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