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How to defog car windows fast

Posted by TintingTools

Have you ever driven down the road on a rainy day with fogged car windows and wonder, " how do I defog my car widows fast ". Then you look at other cars next to you at a stop light, and their windows are crystal clear. What are you doing wrong? How can you fix it fast?

The most common mistake people make when their car windows are fogged is, they hit the recirculation button on their climate control ( heater control panel ). When this button is push, the blower motor will open a vent door inside the vehicle, causing the blower motor to draw air in from the cabin of the vehicle, hence the term ( recirculation ).

When the climate control is in recirculation mode, the blower motor sounds like it's moving more air because the fan gets louder inside of the car, the fan sounds louder, but it's only because the recirculation door is open. If you are recalculating the air inside the vehicle and there is moisture inside your car it will start to accumulate on your windows.

If you have fogged car windows, the best way to defog them fast, is to stop recalculating the air in the vehicle and turn on your air conditioner. The air conditioner will remove the moisture inside the vehicle by circulating the air through the cold fins in the evaporator, which will turn the humidity in the air, back into a liquid, and remove it from the inside of your car.

If your air conditioning does not work, you will have to turn your blower on full defog and open your windows just a little to allow the moisture to escape, do not use recirculation at any time unless your air conditioner is working properly, using recirculation without air conditioning will only cause problems.

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