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Top Tips When Hiring a Window Tint Company

Posted by TintingTools
  1. Decide on the level VLT film you want, keeping in mind the laws in your state. You can check the current laws by clicking on the map from the sidebar.
  2. Shop around and get quotes for at least two different providers. This is the only way to ensure you are getting the best possible price.
  3. Insist on a good quality film. There are cheap options available, but it is almost always more advisable to get a higher quality film. The cost difference is not great, but the difference in quality is substantial.
  4. Check the warranty being offered. If you are using a professional firm, they will offer a guarantee on the work they carry out.
  5. Check the completed work carefully and if you are not happy, ask for it to be rectified. In particular check that there are no bubbles, that the film is applied right to the edges of the window, and that the film at those edges is not peeling away. And what bothers me the most, if there is no dust particles caught under the film.

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