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Why Scratches or Chips in Your Car Tinted Windows

Posted by TintingTools

After tinting your car windows, sometimes you may commonly find some scratches or streaks and even chip in your window tint. So where do they from and how to fix? Here are some explanations. About the scratches or streaks, they are usually caused by your vehicle’s weather stripping..when you roll your windows up or down, some fuzzy, felt-type materials will line the weather stripping around your windows. Just like a trap, these felt-type materials can gather small particles of dirt. Some cars have only the exterior side lined, while others have both sides. It is more susceptible to trap dirt and debris on the interior when only the exterior side is lined. That is to say, when you roll up or down the windows, the dirt or even the hard plastic of the stripping itself, can cause the film to scratch. You can see an example in the picture below. To avoid these, you can use a professional grade moleskin that is specifically designed for automotive use. Scratched film from dirt and debris For the chips, they are completely caused by your seat belts. When removing your seat belt, be careful to not allow it to sling over and hit the window as this will make a little chip in the tint each time the seat belt hits. Below is a picture showing an extreme case with hundreds of chips, but this demonstrates what can happen. To fix these troubles, just try to tint shop for retinting. Or you can fix yourself, but it is difficult to remove the bad film. Chipped film from seat belt buckle

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Why Scratches or Chips in Your Car Tinted Windows

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