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Basic Types of Window Tinting Films

Posted by TintingTools

You can find various kinds of film are sold online or in your state. But which one is better for health and safety or which is legal to tint for car and home window?

In fact, tint begins as a layer of clear film that is made of polyester. Basing on the type of tint, dyes or metals are added.

Just first to learn some basics about type of tint before going to a tinting company. It will help you get what you pay. Then choose the appropriate one according to your budget and your needs:

Dyed film is created by adding dye to the polyester film. Having the darkest appearance, dyed film absorbs more heat than others. Actually, this kind of tint is particularity used for appearance more than heat reduction. Moreover, dyed film is great for reducing glare. So the interior of your car or furniture is greatly prevented, in case of fading. Carbon tint is a popular option in this category.

Metalized film has a variety of different metals which is adhered to during the manufacturing process. If you want to reduce heat and reflects UV rays, metalized film will be your best choice. While Metalized tint may cause interference with electronic devices like your cell phone, radio, and GPS.

Hybrid tint combines features of dyed and metalized films. It is a kind of premium window film for your car. What makes it popular is the reflects and absorbs of heat and any sources of light.

Ceramic tint can be the newest technology in this area. Using nano-ceramics, this kind of film absorbs twice as much heat as dyed or hybrid while maintaining lighter shades. Besides, ceramic provides the best clarity with high durability. It is another luxury choice for your car.

Crystalline tint offers heat and infrared blockage, without really darkening the windows. Comprised of 200 layers of film (yet thinner than a Post-It), crystalline tint is several shades lighter than your average tint (almost clear), and blocks up to 97 percent of the sun's infrared light and 60 percent of the heat coming through the windows. However, this top-of-the-line tint comes at a cost, with the average price ranging between $500 and $800.

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